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 Foundations in Meditation:
 Inner Sanctuary 

 a practice of inner peace 


 4-week meditation course and online community-learning collective 


 begins April 6th 

 online Wednesdays at 7pm EST 

About the retreat

“Foundations in Meditation: Inner Sanctuary” is an 4-week online course and group learning space. Its a roadmap of guidance to an inner haven. In the series, you'll strengthen your meditation practice by traveling within and tending to your garden. By cultivating this space as our personal heaven on earth, each moment of presence here becomes your sacred time of bliss.

Many work hard now to feel peace eventually. They tell themselves, when this problem is solved, I'll feel calm. When I can buy convenience, I'll have more ease. When I find a partner, I'll feel joy. For some, it is not always comfortable to sit in the brain, body, or heart. This series helps us get straight to the good stuff. Peace can be within reach, no matter the environment, situations, or stimulus. Even in chaos, our ability to trust, flow, know the truth, and be present, keeps us aligned and alive in each precious moment.

Life gives us all challenging cycles. These are normal. Each comes with a message and opportunity. But, without guidance, education, and support to receive the lessons, these experiences can become suffering, then stored as tension and trauma. When the challenge is beyond our capacity, we begin to fearfully reach for money, attention, indulgences to find stability. The 4-part roadmap to our inner sanctuary helps us instead navigate our cycles to travel more deeply, into our spirit.


Inside, we can gently nourish and transcend each of our layers of existence: the physical body, energetic body, and mental body, and arrive in the bliss state. This community intends to be a safe space to practice using our cycles to release attachments and instead deeply connect to ourselves and Beyond.

Our Schedule

Week 1


Our Physical Body

Topics: death, family, the land, money, release and receive

Image by Jon Moore

Week 3

Manomaya and Vijnanamaya/

Our Mental Bodies

Topics: perceptions, decision making, the intuition, knowing with certainty


Week 2


Our Energetic Body

Topics: emotions, relationships, water, cleansing


Week 4


Our Bliss Body

Topics: gratitude, just being, celebration, rest, pleasure, how to stay in bliss

Image by Taylor Van Riper

By the end, you will have

Meditating on Bed


A Morning Ritual

Happy Couple


A Community

Working From Home


A Roadmap

(daily guidance)

What will we do?

Luscious Palm Leaves

On Your Own

​During the week, you’ll follow a roadmap:

  • A weekly pre self-assessment 

  • A morning meditation

  • A night meditation

  • Instructions for a breath work or self reiki technique

  • Yoga flow

  • Journaling prompt​

Sunset Kayak

Weekly Meet Up

Once per week, we'll have a group session together online:

  • A group ritual

  • Guided collective meditation

  • Lesson and group reflection prompts

  • Small group support (4 people)

  • Personal reflection prompts

Is this course for me?


I do my self work, but sometimes life still knocks me down. I have practices but often feel overwhelmed with life. I wish I had more structure to support me.

In this course you will learn to ride life's cycles. Together, we will co-regulate so you are able to more easily self-regulate.


With meditative tools and guidance, we'll practice getting the most of the loops by going through the full process of transcendence, traveling from our most dense to most subtle bodies (to die and be born, to release and receive).


When we are done, you will have practiced so many times, it will be your easeful, sustainable routine.


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